The Once and Future Podcast is a weekly, geeky show focused on science fiction and fantasy books, comics, games, and more. Our listeners are avid readers and consumers of all things nerdy-pop-culture, and represent a community of people who are not only willing, but passionate to give new projects a chance.

With over 11k subscribers, some of our guests on our 150+ episodes have included Charlaine Harris (the Sookie Stackhouse series), Lev Grossman (The Magicians), Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles), John Kovalic (Dork Tower, Munchkin), Keith Baker (Gloom), Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Calliope Reaper-Jones urban fantasy series), Matt Forbeck (The Marvel Encyclopedia, Dangerous Games), and a host of other writers and creators. We strive to have the best and most relevant guests possible to be able to reach as wide an audience as we can.

Our audience of listeners is equally spread out among men and women with a strong interest in science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, fandom, gaming, reading, and writing. The largest demographic of listeners is in the age range of 25-45.

Because our passion is spreading the word about the makers and creators of all things SF&F, we want to help you reach our listeners about YOUR projects! Are you an author, game designer/company, publisher, or comic book creator who wants to increase your outreach to avid fans? Look no further. We word hard to get your projects, Kickstarters, Etsy shops, and new releases in front of fans who WANT to hear about them. We are passionate about what we do--after all, we are gamers and readers ourselves!--and our passion shines through when we talk about our sponsors on the show and on social media. We don't run ads for the sake of running ads. We know that testimonial love holds a power that other ads simply don't. This is why we seek out ads that represent things we geek out about, to create a win-win scenario for both our advertisers and our listeners.

Our ad package includes:

On-Air 15-second Pre-roll: Prior to launching into the main content, the host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 15-seconds.  This can be personal testimonial or can rely on bullet pointed copy provided by the sponsor.

On-Air 15-second Out-roll: During the outro of the show, the host will thank our sponsor and talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 15-seconds.  This can be personal testimonial or can rely on bullet pointed copy provided by the sponsor.  This is the last call to action your listeners will hear during an episode, and has even greater potential to leave a lasting impression.

On-Air 30-second Mid-roll: Typically inserted around the midway point of an episode. The host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 30-seconds this time, often sharing their personal story or geeky love of the product when applicable. We're excited to share our love about our sponsors' creations!

Perpetual Banner Graphic: A banner graphic, linked to the website of your choice, that will be connected with that episode of the show for the lifetime of O&FP! This means that fans will be able to find you long after the episode you sponsored airs.

Social Media Mentions: Over the week of your sponsorship, we will mention your company and products on both Facebook and Twitter, not only reaching our listeners but also the thousands of fans of our guests, as well.

Please note: We limit ourselves to two sponsors per episode.  However, it is possible to exclusively lock down an entire episode for an additional price.

For further information or to book your spot, please inquire at onceandfuturepodcast@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Sponsorship’.

We accept payment via Paypal, and will furnish our payment instructions once contacted about a sponsorship.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A few of our Previous Sponsors:

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