'Stranger Things' Fans, Some Casting News for Season 2!

Stranger Things took the geek community by storm a few months ago. Not only did it have content that appealed to the science fiction, fantasy, and horror crowds, but it appealed to our nostalgic sides. A huge part of the community is in that 35-50 age range now, and the eighties (the time at which Stranger Things is set) hold some of our fondest memories. The show is also something that would appeal to teens as well as adults, and let's face it, it has a kick ass, waffle eating heroine in it who instantly won the audience.

Fans were overjoyed to hear that season 2 of Stranger Things has been confirmed, and Netflix has just released some details as far as who we can expect to see in the new season, aside from the main cast of kids!


Two cast members who were previously listed as "recurring" characters are now listed as series regulars. Noah Schnapp, who played Will Byers, will be appearing regularly beside his D&D-loving comrades, and Joe Keery, who played Steve Harrington, will have an opportunity to show audience members what he's really made of now that he's also a regular character. There is a lot of speculation around Steve Harrington in particular, his family, and their place in the community. Has he really grown as a person? Or will he return to his douchey ways?

Netflix also introduced two NEW characters to the show!

Sadie Sink, known from her roles on American Odyssey and The Bleeder, will be playing Max, a tough and confident tomboy who is said to have a "complicated history," and seems to be on the suspicious/paranoid side.

Max will be joined by her older step brother, Billy, played by Dacre Mongomery (Power Rangers). Billy is described as an "edgy" and ultra-confident teen who steals girlfriends and wins at drinking games. But Billy has a dark side, characterized as violent and unpredictable. 

Can't wait to find out what's coming up next for Stranger Things team? Well, you'll have to wait, because new episodes won't be airing on Netflix until next year! But stay tuned here, we'll be sharing any news that comes up!

Melanie R. Meadors is an author and editor of science fiction and fantasy, blogger at The Once and Future Podcast, and a professional author publicist. She studied physics and astronomy at Northern Arizona University, where no day was complete without a heated debate over relativity versus quantum mechanics. You can find her at her website, melaniermeadors.com, on Facebook, and Twitter, @melaniermeadors.