Your host and Curator of Content Anton Strout

Your host and Curator of Content Anton Strout

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What is

The Once & Future Podcast?

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Thing is, no one out there was doing exactly the kind of one I wanted to be hearing, so for the past three seasons I've taken it upon myself to fill that void.



My name is Anton Strout, author of The Spellmason Chronicles & The Simon Canderous paranormal detective series.  I'm also the host and curator of content here at The Once & Future Podcast.

I love books and I love my fellow authors.  I am pretty keen on celebrating that.  I wanted a place where I could talk about all things happening within my chosen genre, all the things I love in fantasy, science fiction, even some crossover into paranormal romance, including weekly segments focused on: breaking news, upcoming titles, interviews with guest authors from every point in their various careers, upcoming book tour info, convention news, and just overall general discussion of our genre.

Parts of the podcast are reader focused, but there are also be parts coming up for those who are writers, including interviews with professionals of all walks of life from within the world of publishing itself.  When we can, we talk with editors, artists, publicists... you name it! 

So listen to the podcast. join us on twitter at @OandFPodcast and "Like" our Facebook page. That's where we'll be holding discussions on each of the shows.

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